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Fairly Odd Parents' Jokes Fail To Disappoint.
Every so often, I stumble across a really hilarious 'Fairly Odd Parents' meme where I'm just like -- HOW WAS THIS EVER A SHOW FOR KIDS?!
my favorite joke on there was Timmy s day was talking about how his dreams died a long time ago... Timmy asked when did they died he replyed. umm how ald are you know
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Gotta love Fairly Odd Parents. Invader Zim too. They both had some pretty dark jokes
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mom's are suppose to think brightly of their kids future but Timmy parents where selfish and never thought of him or his future in a positive light @DannyMoses
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I mean if you go back even farther to Tom and jerry and even all the way back to the Flintstones you will see dark humor like this
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