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Seems as if Jerry Jones is ready to plan for the future at quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys franchise.
Backups Brandon Weeden, Matt Cassel and Kellen Moore have combined to go 1-10 this season after starter Tony Romo suffered a broken left collarbone twice this season. Jerry Jones has acknowledged that the backup quarterback is an issue, but Tony hasn't been able to get them over the hump either.
Is it time to move on from Tony Romo?
Jones said he had a conversation with Romo about the future of the position on Saturday night in Buffalo. He has said he believes Romo, who turns 36 in April, has a 3-5 year window left at playing at a high level.
“It’s obviously going to be a high priority for us, the backup situation, as it relates to not only being able to come in and do better than we did this year, but whatever way, whatever we do, do better, but we’re looking to our future,” Jones said. “That’s as big a thing for me.”

Do you think the Cowboys will draft a quarterback or trade Tony Romo?

I think they are better off without romo
naw they too loyal to him he aint goin no where
they have two options get a new quarterback or find a way to protect Romo cause a strong wind blows him over he is out a couple of games
I think Romo could last a few more years with the cowboys, but you can bet they'll be looking for a replacement.
Romo has solid numbers but his injury history and age are things you can't ignore. Problem with the situation is the Cowboys are a "win now" team. Bryant is coming into his prime and the o-line is ready.. idk if they can afford to draft and wait 2-3 years for someone to be ready. They may wanna trade picks and talent to acquire a strong grizzled vet.. like Brees for example