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DJ Vlad asked Ja Rule about Ja’s kids using the n-word and how it relates white people using it in hip-hop today.
According to Ja Rule, the use of the n-word is just a part of the territory.
“It’s hip-hop, man,” Ja Rule said. “The kids listen to hip-hop. They use the n-word. Point blank, period. There’s no way around it. You know what I mean? I’m at a concert the other day. Nothing but white kids at the concert. Metro Boomin is deejaying and shit, right? What does he throw on? ‘All day, n—a.’ And he’s fading the ‘n—a’ part. And those white kids are singing that ‘n—a’ word like a motherfucker. You know what I’m saying? I’m up in the balcony dying laughing because I’m like yo, what do you expect them to do? What do you think they’re gonna do? To them it’s a song. They just singing a song, having fun. So, now what do you do? Not play that song when you have a white audience and you deejaying? I don’t know.”
He also feels like the younger generation doesn't understand the power of the word in any situation.
“I really don’t know how to combat this,” Ja Rule said. “For us that are older, we know how much hatred the word has behind it, how much malice, you know, the word was created and invented and the harm it was meant to do. We understand that. I don’t think the young kids understand that. I don’t think they get it how we get it. I do try to tell me kids, ‘Lessen on the n-word. Slow down on the n-word.’ But I really don’t see nothing wrong with the word, you know, as far as us using it with each other as black people.”

Do you think the use of the n-word in music will slow down in music over the next couple of years?

I have two mixed nephews - and if anyone ever used that word in relation to them, white, black, purple, whatever, I'd be livid...because I know what the word means/meant. And until the definition is changed, hip-hop/rap artists and kids alike can use that word until pigs fly and it won't change that the word was created in hate. I know several musicians and a few DJ's who argue that if used in a non-hateful way, the word loses its power to degrade and offend. In which case, why use it at all? I can use the word "onion" a hundred times a day, it will never suddenly mean, "sweet". Kids today SHOULD KNOW the power of such a word. And the power of the history of oppression surrounding such a term. If we pretend such horrific things never happened, we lose our drive and ability to stop them from happening again.
To you Veronica and MadAndrea Its awesome to see people of a different race speak like you do its amazing. i wish we had more people like you two. and Veronica i also have a mixxed child whos mother is white and these things are important to teach our kids.
I suspect it's that people don't realize the word is hurtful- they probably aren't intending for the word to hurt so there's no reason to think it will. That doesn't mean it can't or doesn't hurt people and I think that maybe part of the issue is that when someone is hurt by it we don't give them a platform and not everyone listens
To some ignorance is bliss and to others it's a taboo. All play on words intended.
but of course jack is right that the younger generation doesn't know the power or meaning behind that word mostly because everyone is trying to erase history by not teaching it.
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