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TOP 5 DANCES 1. BTS Dope I chose this one as my favorite dance bwcause it is so cool and challenging. I was able to fully learn it and its really cool being able to dance along! The song is also really catchy.
2. BTS Danger I really like the challenging aspect of this dance..having tried to learn it myself. Luckily I was able to learn the main dance or the dance that goes along with the chorus. It is so cool and I really love this song as well.
3. MyB Ddo Ddo I recently discovered this group like last week. I think they debuted last year with their song My Oh My...and had a comeback this year with Ddo Ddo. I love this song and its dance because it is really catchy and fun to dance along to!
4. Crayon Pop Dancing All Night I really like all of Crayon Pop's unique dances. Especially this one. They are so adorable and their dances are really easy to learn...that's why this dance is one of my top 5 favorite dances
5. Orange Caramel Shangai Romance (I apologize for any spelling errors and I know this is from last sure...but i just really love it) and for some reason the link didn't work...but i prefer to watch the live version so I can dance along with it.
TOP 5 SONGS 1. BTS I Need U I really like the emotions that this song gave me and this song officially brought me into the fandom. The acting and story intrigued me so much that I wanted to learn more abput the members and why they made this song...and i guess this song made me join the ARMY!
2. BTS Run This comeback video made me cry...laugh...and generally confused. I was really obsessed with BTS and was so happy when they came back...but with all the theories going around with this even more confused!
3. BTS Ma City The sound of this song is so upbeat...I havent really watched the english lyrics that much...I usually just watch fan made videos so I dont really know whats it about but I love the sound of it!
4. Lim Kim Stay Ever I love the smooth tone of the song....generally I just really love Lim Kim's voice and it is so soothing and sweet. I really hope she continues to make music. This song also features Verbal Jint.
5. B.A.P Young, Wild and Free So I fell in love with B.A.P in the beginning of this year and I'm so happy I did! This song is upbeat and really makes me want to dance.
TOP 5 ALBUMS 1. Skool Luv Affair I like this album because its really the album that made me fall in love with BTS even more! J also really loved this concept.
2. The Most Beautiful Moments in Life Pt. 2 I like this album the most out of BTS because the songs really hit me right in the heart with all of the feels. The entire soundtrack is so good!
3. Matrix by B.A.P I really love this album....with them being my 3rd favorite group. I love all of their songs ugh....the feels I get listening to their voices!
4. Rap Monsters Mixtape. God I love his rapping skills so much and therefore I really love this mixtape. But sadly...he is also currenty recovering from an injury that he got Rap Monster...FIGHTING!
5. Lim Kim's Simple Mind I really enjoy listening to her voice. It is just so amazing and she has to be one of my favorite Kpop female idols. I just love her songs!
Im really happy that I discovered kpop at the beginning of this year...because it helps me alot during my rough times and it also just makes me happy. Im also glad that I joined the wonderful community of Vingle! Happy New Years my friends and....Kpop Family!! (I hope that didnt sound weird lol).