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Hey everyone today my friend tagged me in a post and introduced me to a new challenge which I will be accepting. So All we have to do is post a picture or two of yourself when you where young, and then you post a picture/s of yourself now. A lot of people got this idea when I saw people posting some kpop idols with upgrades.
here was myself when I was like really young lol. I don't know exactly what age I was, but I look like I was 2 or 3 yrs old.
here is myself now and I have to say puberty really didn't hit me lol jk. Anyway I am now 17 yrs old and everything is great lol
I hope you all enjoyed the card and you should do it too because why not. hey I'll even do a bonus of my favorite Bias~~~~ bet you can't guess~~~~ duh duh duh DUHHH~ oh you all already know who it is~~~ Jhope!!! from Bts. I love that boy so much because even though my name is Hope, he was the one who really brought hope back into me. So I thank him with my whole world.
here's your ultimate jhope, and he is still cute as ever. I love his smile after the upgrade it gives me so much hope lol.
So thats about it, I really hoped you enjoyed. I love all of you guys have a great day/night!! <3
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