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Welcome to Vingle K-Drama!
Hi everyone!
If we haven't already met - I'm kpopandkimchi (you can call me kimchi) and I'm going to be the Moderator of K-drama this quarter with the help of @JamiMilsap @biancadanica98 and @netchtiBates!!!
Just so we can have a great quarter, let's get to know each other!

In the comments, tell us:

What was the first drama you saw?

What's your favorite drama?

What are you currently watching (or just finished, or will start soon lol!)

and Happy New Year, everyone!!!

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oh and a happy new year you all!
2 years ago·Reply
1. BOYS OVER FLOWER 2. MY fav is Kill Me Heal me 3.Currently watching "Oh My Venus", "Remember ", 6 flying dragons, and" Secret Hotel"
2 years ago·Reply
hi kimchi hehe - first drama: Boys Over Flowers - fav drama: Dream High, My love from the star, Rooftop Prince - currently watching or just finished: the girl who sees smells, i hear your voice, splash splash love, doctor stranger, remember, orange marmalade, sweet savage family, imaginary cat, to the dearest intruder (taiwanese; again), heard it through the grapevine (although i dont think im finishing it) i know that was a lot haha
2 years ago·Reply
my first drama was "boys over flowers" my favorite is "healer" and I'm currently watching:: "imaginary cat" .. hehe.
2 years ago·Reply
First Drama - Playful Kiss I found it on Netflix one day and discovered more kdramas. Thus a kdrama lover was born. Favorite Drama - Pinocchio This show is absolute perfection. It's got humor, romance, sadness and intensity. Plus my 1st Lee Jong Suk drama and Park Shin Hye is my favorite actress so it's great! Currently Watching - My Girl Almost done with it. Just finished Wild Romance before this and I didn't know the same male lead played in both. But I love him a lot in My Girl more.
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