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Hi everyone!
If we haven't already met - I'm kpopandkimchi (you can call me kimchi) and I'm going to be the Moderator of K-drama this quarter with the help of @JamiMilsap @biancadanica98 and @netchtiBates!!!
Just so we can have a great quarter, let's get to know each other!

In the comments, tell us:

What was the first drama you saw?

What's your favorite drama?

What are you currently watching (or just finished, or will start soon lol!)

and Happy New Year, everyone!!!

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Iris was the first drama I saw. Favorite drama is tied between Healer and Blood. I'm currently watching Sassy Go Go!
@ChaErica is sassy gogo any good
@blackirishawk Yeah I think it's good and I'm only about four or five episodes in! It's funny! At first I was just watching it because Hakyeon from VIXX was in it but the characters are really great! It sort of reminds me of School 2015 who are you, but without the twins and mystery behind it. Hakyeon is a bonus too!
@ChaErica awesome I'm about to start watching now! time to gogo lol
OMG.i love that rooftop prince drama. it's so salivating. thank you.