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To me I love u I love no matter what you own I'll be with u regardless
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Flat or not flat I'm cool with it because it's boobs And I love boobies 馃槖
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I think it's funny that people get caught up in looks. we usually end up with people who are nothing like the people we think we would like. just because someone looks good in photos doesn't mean that's who you want to share your life with. flat or big chested it's who they are as a person as to why I stay with them.
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Their usually adorable! And small/flat chested girls usually have curves in other places. (i.e. Levy)
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I don't care what any guy thinks about boobs honestly. I just wish I wasn't more flat chested than most 13 year old girls. (u_u)
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@wendycraftq you're bread sexual? Lol just kidding! you should love a person for who they are not what they look like. besides we all have our own preferences of what's sexy :P that's like asking do you like big or little dicks looool... a person's positive individuality can make anyone attractive
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