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Hello fellow humans. I just finished Guilty Crown today and it was so awesome! If you've not yet seen this anime, well I recommend you start watching it right now! It's action packed and makes you wish you had napkins prepared for this amazing ride.
Here we have the main character, Shu. Shu is like any other guy in anime, trying to do the right thing but not knowing how to go about it. Thank goodness he found right path.
Here we have Inori. If you're looking for another anime with a badass but somewhat crazy pink haired girl, well look no further! She's right here haha.
This anime consist of 22 episodes and one original video animation. (ova) So if you have time don't hesitate to start watching it.
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loved the first part, second part pissed me off until the last episode
2 years ago·Reply
@crimsonsasuke I forget which episode that is. how far away am I?
2 years ago·Reply
You're like in episode 15. The first time that happens is when they introduce the void ranking system. @DaiGakuSei
2 years ago·Reply
@crimsonsasuke okay, thanks
2 years ago·Reply