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um Hi everyone I'm Kaylin but people tend to call me munchkin lmao you can call me either :) Ummm I'm kinda new to vingle. but errr I'm kinda shy and quiet in real life because I don't really have that many friends lmao but I'm LIVELY AS HECK on the internet xD ermmm I love kpop and lmao yeah I like a ton of bands but some of them are got7, bts, teen top, block b, b.a.p, infinite, SHINee, big bang, super junior, seventeen, mlbaq, beast, ecy lmao my favorite ships of all time is definitely markson, vkook, and chanbaek. I can't help it they are just so freaking cute. but um yeah I don't really have ANY kpop fans as friends so maybe we can be friends? my friends all think I'm a little weirdo and say I'm obsessed with Asian people and they say they all look the same but clearly they don't I mean look a niel LIPS those beautiful things are something not a lot of people have XD lmao they all have special features that you can distinguish them from and they don't all look the same at all. and er that's it XD
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welcome to vingle!! we're all very friendly here lol :-)
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I can tell lmao thank youuu 馃榾馃榾馃榾 @seouls
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Hello!! Welcome to Vingle!! And Niel's lips are amazing
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yes yes they are xD @amberg171997 lmao and thank youuu
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welcome to vingle. Niels lips are perfection.
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