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Down the road, stood a tree, so little that it wanted to be free, All it needed was a brother a tree, a friend, a pal, but not a person planted another, All the time, there it stood, a little tree, with all that's good Free was all it wanted to be, Free of all it needed to be, free of the jungle of concrete, free where it could be discrete. Free where it could enjoy, the air, the sunshine, where people won't dare, to cut, to chop, the branch, the twigs, or take it's little figs, Tree wondered, how do humans take what they want, giving nothing to nature, what was it's all along, mother nature, ever so kind, gives and gives but never asks nothing in return, Humans need to take a new turn, Plant the trees, And take care of them, and mother nature will, ever be grateful, for then it will be fruitful, for you, for me, and the others. --Akash
Hey Vinglers, This was my latest poetry for the environment and you all! Remember guys, we need to protect the environment, and plant more trees! I am doing my part for this now it's your turn.. Please comment on the poem as well! @nicolejb @AlloBaber @ButterflyBlu @VeronicaArtino
wow this was a really moving poem.
You are welcome! @nicolejb
Trees really do remind me of freedom and beauty. thank you for this!
This is a beautiful poem, I enjoyed reading it. :)
This was cool:) it reminded me of a post that said " humans are the only things that cut down trees, and write 'save the trees' on them"
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