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Dearest R&M Fan Club, I know that we (technically) have a couple days left before 2016, but I wanted to take a moment to wish you all a very awesome new year!

I really had no idea what to expect when starting a 'Rick & Morty' themed club on here, but the response made me really happy and being able to have a place to freak out over all things relating to the show has made the last couple months so awesome. I feel like I have a lot of friends who are passively into the show that CANNOT SIMPLY COMPREHEND ITS AWESOMENESS like you guys do.
I know that the show doesn't come back for another year, but I'd like to be able to keep the club updated with show news, rumors about season 3, and cool new things coming out inspired by the show's success. (STILL WANT THOSE R&M POP VINYLS.)
Anyway, once again, thank you SO MUCH for making the Rick & Morty club so awesome on here, so if there's any cool R&M-themed things you want to post or share, feel free to make your own cards for the fan club! I'd love to see what you'd like to share!


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@danidee oh good
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Hope you have a good one yo thanks for the laughs
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I'm not a very social member of Vingle, but in the little time I do spend here, I always look forward to your cards. Especially these ones! Thank you for the time you spend on them, @danidee, and have a happy new year. It's time to get shwifty, my friend! 😊
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Peace among worlds @danidee
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