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(Day6 mention unintended but highly appreciated.)

Would you rather have a dance off with Rapmon or Jungkook?

If this was back in my size 24 days, this question would be hard. But since it's not... Okay first of all, putting me up against Jungkook is unfair. Like I can dance my ass off, but I jiggle in all kinds of places and I just look like a flopping jellyfish when I dance now. So like please don't. I mean even Namjoon would seem like a better dancer... okay why am I lying we all saw that shit he did on Weekly Idol. I'd totally win. And since I'm completely fine with taking the easy win:

I would rather have a dance off with Rapmon.

I would have a dance off with Rap Monster but not because it would be easy but just because it would be lots of fun seen him dance like he did on weekly idol and tbh im not that good either, so we can both enjoy luaghing at each others funny dances.
@XergaB20 lmfao Britt, ilysm.
I also would have to choose Rap Monster. Going against Kookie would be humiliation at its finest for me. I can't dance.
Dance off with Rap Mon because I want to have a laugh seeing him dance and I know it would be a tie on who wins
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