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I was tagged by @staceyholley so might as well try to sort it out lol

1.) Chen

The absolute love of my life~ He comes first since he's my main EXO bias and my ULTIMATE bias. He's nothing but a clown and loves to play with everybody, but he's also such an angel. He's caring, playful, kind, charismatic, and a big softy who sleeps with teddy bears lol How can you not love him?

2.) Xiumin

Minseok, my main man that comes in second! Honestly he ruins my bias list every time he comes on screen or is mention in a convo. He's soft-spoken and kind when you first see him, but when he's doing his job is when you should be ready to die. His eyes kill me.

3.) Suga

Suga, Suga, how'd you get so fly?~ That song was meant for him lmao I always thought my main bias in Bangtan was Rapmon or Jungkook, but over the months of watching and listening, Suga started to make his way to the top of my list. He's just too swag to resist.

4.) Rap Monster

And speaking of Rapmon, here he is! Even though he isn't my main bias in Bangtan, he's still got my heart. He's such a nerd, but a great leader, and no matter how much he says he'll be lonely and he isn't as great as the others, Bangtan still wouldn't be the same without him. I wish I could tell him just how important he really is.

5.) Lay

My top 5 wouldn't be complete without Zhang Yixing! One of the first few members that actually got me interested in EXO through EXO Showtime, along with Kris and Sehun. His dance skills are phenomenal, and he's such a caring person. He works hard to prove himself, and sometimes he works too hard. I hope he gets some rest soon.

6.) Kai

Another bias wrecker, Kai is a sexy, strong dancer, but offstage, Jongin is nothing but a sweet ball of fluff. Despite having to have a sexy image, you can't deny that he's nothing like that in real life and he is, indeed, a literal cinnamon roll.

7.) Key

The diva of SHINee, Key! My main bias of SHINee, Key's sassiness and his talent won him the top of the five members. He makes me smile more than anyone, and his English is amazing!

8.) Jeonghan

At first I was iffy about Seventeen, but after watching a few videos, I absolutely fell for Jeonghan. He's pretty and cute, pretty cute lol His voice is adorable and his hair is just too flawless.

9.) Chanyeol

Chanyeol is a mega dork, and for a long while was my main bias in EXO. But you can see why, right? He's very talented, and handsome, and cute. He's the definition of beagle line, and he's so full of himself it's funny.

10.) Jungkook

The Golden Maknae of Bangtan, who just so happens to be only a year older than me. He's such a dork, but he's talented and adorable. It would be a lie if I didn't say that he's so relatable, from his actions to his facial expressions.

11.) Sehun

The maknae of EXO! If looks could kill, his face wouldn't. Sure he's damn fine, but his attitude and sass is just too much. Really, I make that face everyday when I'm done with someone.

12.) Jonghyun

My first SHINee bias~ Too bad he got knocked so far down the list. He's pretty and an amazing singer, but just like SHINee in general, he's a dork as well who makes me laugh.

13.) Jin

Mama Jin! How can you not love him?? Jin is handsome, of course, but he's a dork who cares for his members just like an actual mom. Ahh, if only I can see just how broad his shoulders really are..

14.) S.Coups

S.Coups is another dork who I've grown fond of. Maybe it's the elf ears lol He's really playful and funny, I want to see more of him.

15.) Minhyuk

I just recently got into Monsta X, and watching DeokspatchX, I've learned that Minhyuk might actually be one of my spirit animals. He's so funny and hyper, and I'm pretty sure he will end up being my bias lol
On xiumin 馃槀 I was listening to OOH-AHH by twice
Take good care of him if I die ok?? lol
@staceyholley remember to breathe! Yixing wouldn't like it if you died on him
omg, i just keep staring at it...and then realizing that i'm not breathing... ugh YiXing the things you do to me
Also, that gif of S.Coups is one of my all time favorite gifs EVER!!!! lol
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