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Thank you @torchix for tagging me!
So why I love BTS! Lets see...why do I love BTS?
1st of all....their music! I really love the style and the meanings of alot of their songs. Im so happy they are still an active group! Their songs make me happy in a way that most people can't...and it's really hard for me to admit to that, but it's true. I feel better about myself when I listen to their music and I dont really know why. Maybe the tone of the songs...or the rhythym...even their lyrics just generally cheer me up.
Their crazy and energetic alien v...and as my sister says, "that crazy horse crab!" (Jhope). I love how energetic these two are and it really hurts me to see them cry or tired. They are usually running around annoying every other member, but hey, they are cute and funny! Whenever I'm sad I try and look up montages of them being silly...which usually helps me out during my emotion episodes at home. Their smiles make me smile and they are so cute.
My third reason is because of this butthole Jimin! He just had to walk in and ruin my bias list. He just had to take the place of my old ultimate bias P.O (from Block B) and become my new ultimate bias....and I couldnt be happier that I discovered him, even though P.O is only a bias now....Dammit Jimin! He hurts my heart so much when he cries or gets hurt, but he also contributes to my happiness now-a-days and Im really happy. Everything he does just kills my ovaries, whether it be cute...or sexy.
My fourth reason because of Jin and Rapmonster. Namjin for life man. I really love the way they appear and how they try their best to take care of the group, being the "parents" and all. Jin is so cute when he feeds his fellow members and looks out for them and Rap Monster is so cute when he gets fed up with their craziness...and hey, they are both excellent dancers.
Suga's sassiness is pretty amazing. He is so cute and I just love it when he is lazy! That is my favorite thing about him. He also has a really cute smile and looks just like a teddy bear to me! He is just soo cute!
Jungkookie is of course the Golden Maknae and is also the cutest little Maknae in my eyes. God he is so cute!!! He can dance and he was originally my bias from BTS in the beginning....but then Jimin being Jimin had to change things up a bit. Oh well...Kookie is still so cute! And It's really cute that his original stagename was supposed to be "Seagull"!
I also love the ship Vkook and Jikook, but Jikook will always beat Vkook...maybe idk....V and Jungkook have the powers to change that with their cuteness...but I'm trying my best to keep Jikook as OTP. So technically I love their close relationships with each other.
I really love everything about BTS (that's why this card is so damn long...sorry)! From their songs and albums all the way to their members and personalities. I find it really surprising uow my feelings have grown for all of them! Again...sorry that this card is so long...its just everything about them is so cute!
@torchix and thank you...i was getting worried that I made it too long 😅
@torchix Lol this card did take a while but there is alot of things to like about BTS lol.
Awww this is so cuteeee.❤️ My card was gonna be this long but I was at work and I ran out of time XD