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Bangtan slayyyed so hard xD Jimin's solo dance was so beautiful I can't xD ❀ then I like how they did a little bit for Dope, it was a jazz like ver. which was very cool but idk why i was laughing so hard lol and of course ma song Run :) amazing! but am I the only one who heart started to hurt when they formed the butterfly at the end and the other wing was missing because of Namjoonie wasn't there? :( Kookie had to take over his part.. he did a great job though, thanks kookie :) but everything was great! I just wish Namjoon was there :/ I hope he is doing alright. Get well soon hunz~
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yeah.. :/ but hopefully he will be able to perform at the 2015 MBC Gayo Daejejun tonight.. but at the same time I think he should rest..
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awe they did such a great job. and @AimeeH the beginning part of this reminded me of your one dance cover you did
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thanks for posting it lol I luv how BTS performed in this video but it sucks not seeing rapmonster perform
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no problem 😊 @mellyortiz right they did awesome and right
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