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So I've only been the moderator here since July, so TECHNICALLY, I can't give you a full year of review. However, within the past six months, it's safe to say we were up to some pretty hilarious things, so I've decided to wrap up the year by compiling some of the Vingle Funny Community's funniest moments of 2015!

Highlights From Our Most Commented Moments!

Here are three cards that certainly got us talking this year.
What Weird Names Do You Call Your Pets? - Last month, I asked the community to share all the funny names they call their pets. So many of you answered, and I've got to say - you guys call your pets some pretty mean names! You should be lucky they don't know English!
Wait.....What? - Fellow Vinglers @LAVONYORK and @BeannachtOraibh began a pretty hilarious card series called 'Wait... What?' where they share a bunch of epic fails that are STILL making us scratch our heads. Their most popular one? The one where @shannonl5, @buddyesd, and the rest of the Marvel Mercs had WAY too much fun making jokes about Spiderman's - uh.. web...
I WANTED A GUITAR WTF IS THIS - @arnelli (or, as he prefers to be called, Lord Soft Bottom) dazzled us with his unfortunate Christmas present. He asked for a guitar, but he was given a guitar-shaped box that he then proceeded to take an epic photoshoot with because, you know, #YOLO and all that.

Then there was the Funny Community Dog Show!

Shout-out to winner and 2016 Funny Community Canine Ambassador, Haley the Black Lab, and her owner @destiny1419. May your new year be full of Milkbones and belly scratches!

Highlights From Our Most Liked Moments!

These cards were so funny that they got #ALLTHEPROPS.
17 Shamelessly Nerdy Pickup Lines – That Just Might Work - Our unofficial Love Guru @AlloBaber gave nerds across the Vinglesphere hope with her list of so-corny-they're-cute pick-up lines. "Are you a carbon sample? Because I want to date you." is still my favorite.
The 8 Different Kinds Of Friends - Listmaker 'to the stars' @ScriptedSoldier wrote a card all of us could relate to about the different kind of friends you make in life. It's definitely worth checking out - especially if you were a fan of 'Ed, Edd, n Eddy' growing up.
How i met my BFF - @humairaa became the official BFF of the Funny Community after publishing a webcomic card about the importance of weirdos sticking together. WHERE'S MY FELLOW WEIRDOS AT?!?!?!?!

And the Vingle Hunger Games!

Early this fall, Vingle gave me permission to send $50 worth of junk food to whoever can write a really funny poem about their favorite kind. The winner was SHINee moderator @VixenViVi, who not only wrote her love ode to Pocky, but even filmed her unboxing it! GET DEM SNACKS, GIRL!

Highlights From Our Most Clipped Moments!

Funny cards that were so loved that the community made sure to save them for later.
I Bet You Haven't Seen a Panda Daycare... - What's cuter than seeing a real life panda at the zoo? Seeing a real life panda at a zoologist-run daycare where pandas get to play together, nap together, and eat together. Thanks for the feels, @jokes!
10 Ways To Survive A Horror Movie - @TessStevens, Vingle's HallowQueen, offered us some pretty solid advice about how to make sure we're the last one standing at the end of a scary movie. (Hint: Be the Neve, not the Drew Barrymore.)
The 6 Funniest Lines From Big Hero 6 - To soften the 'Civil War' blow, Marvel moderator @shannonl5 celebrated a much more warm and squishy Marvel film, Big Hero 6! Check these quotes out. It's going to make you want to watch it again. $10 bet.

Thank you once again for such an amazing 2015! Happy New Year, guys! I'm really looking forward to all the weird and silly things we'll be up to in 2016!

Woooo! The funny community is great!
You're the bestest, DaniDoll. <3 I can't wait to what more's to come!! ^_^
Yayyy! Halloween was fun this year, we've got to make it even more spooky next year! Love, the Vingle HallowQueen.
Happy New Year🎇
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