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Let's Talk Future Tense!

The New Year is all about looking ahead, so let's talk about future tense today!

There are multiple kinds of future tense in Korean, but let's learn about one today:


Add ~ㄹ께 or 을께 to the end of a verb to make it future tense.

It means more like, I promise or I surely will do this in the future.
How to conjugate:
1. Take off the "다" from the verb (every verb ends in 다^^)
2. If the verb (without the 다) ends in a vowel, add a ㄹ께
3. If the verb ends in a consonant, add 을께
For example - 하다 becomes 할께 because it ends in an 아 (an A, a vowel!) but 먹다 becomes 먹을께 because it ends in a ㄱ (a G/K, a consonant!)
4. If you want to to be formal, add a 요 to the end!


하다 --> 할께 To do --> I'll do
(ha-da --> hal-kke)
가다 --> 갈께 To go --> I'll go
(ka-da --> kal-kke)
기다리다 --> 기다릴께 To wait --> I'll wait
(ki-da-ri-da --> ki-da-ril-kke)
먹다 --> 먹을께 To eat --> I'll eat
(meok-da --> meok-eul-kke)

What will you do in 2016?!

You can answer in Korean or English^^
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This is so helpful and clearly explained! 너무 감사합니다!
2 years ago·Reply
I so needed this (/.\) As for 2016, it's a pretty big year...first year of college, going to Korea, etc. ^^
2 years ago·Reply
감사합니다 ! I like this post very much!
2 years ago·Reply
hmm this 2016 여행 할게 hopefully I can come back to korea :))
2 years ago·Reply
I'll do nothing
2 years ago·Reply