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Here is Part 3 mis amigos.

Recap.... Everyone is loving college Jasmine is no longer a girl...but with Yoongi's help he ushered her into woman hood. What else will happen?


Part 3: Tastes like Suga

3 weeks has passed since the beginning of school. Jimin was super excited that Jasmine had his modern dance class and his hip hop class. He knew that they would be partners for everything. Jasmine had Art History with Namjoon and Jin. She was surprised that Yoongi had business class with her. V and Jungkook had English 101 together. Everything was going great The Wolf pack all sat down at the dinner table. They had ordered pizza, salad, and tacos. Jasmine was super excited to talk about class. "OMG amigos! I can't believe the professor picked me to be the student leader for class!" "Why would she do that?" Jungkook laughed. Jasmine rolled her eyes. "I'm the best dancer and I have the most experience. Plus I can dance pretty much any type of genre." "How do you all that bouncing around with those large jugs!" V blurted out. Yoongi flicked him in his forehead. "Shut up you idiot." He hissed at V. "If you must know I strap them down and wear two sports bras." Jasmine said while grabbing some salad. "Well congratulations Jazz on your new position. Speaking of good news I was asked to join the Math and science honor society. They were impressed with my scores on that intro test we all took." Namjoon says while passing the pizza box to Jimin. "That was a real exam?!" Jimin says while turning get red. "Yeah dork that's how they determined if you needed to take English, Math, Science 101 or you could skip to the level 133 classes I. Those subjects." J-Hope said. "Ah no wonder I got Math 101. I thought it was a fake exam. I guessed on all the problems. Shit!" "And that's why your slow Jimin." Yoongi said. Jasmine slapped Yoongi's knee. "Don't be mean." **************** Jasmine was in Jimin's room going over a dance move. They had a major project in which they had to tell a story through movement, and they were partners. After they dance the class is supposed to guess what the story was about. Jimin and Jasmine decided to do a dance about a butterfly coming to life. Jimin was sitting on his bed watching Jasmine, but her voice was a blur. He was focused on her body. It was like a silent film in slow motion. He was in deep thought. Damn V was right...she does have large...should I say...large jugs. I wonder if they still taste as good as that night in the woods in the cabin. A night we would never tell anybody about. Her curves are so feminine. I hate rolla coasters but I would love to ride those curves. Her smooth skin and pretty hair. Ah she smells so damn good.... "Jimin....Jimin hello are you home?" Jasmine said while patting his face. Jimin quickly grabbed Jasmine's arms. He pinned her onto the wall. Her head made a thump noise as the back of it hit the light blue wall. She prayed that it didn't leave a bump o her head. "Jimin what the-- "Why did you let Yoongi take your virginity?! It belonged to me! I should have been your first! Did you forget that night in the woods the promises we made?" Jimin yelled while gripping her wrists tighter and his face turning red. Yoongi heard the noise and began walking down the hallway. Wtf is that noise? I hope Jimin fell... "Jimin please you are hurting me." Jasmine whinned. Suddenly Yoongi busted into Jimin's room. He saw the pain in Jasmine's eyes and saw how Jimin had her pinned. Yoongi without hesitation punched Jimin in his right cheek. Jimin fell to the floor gabbing his face. "What the fuck is wrong with you?! Get your hands off her!" Yoongi yelled. He grabbed Jasmine. "Go to my room." Jasmine could see how serious and pissed Yoongi was so she didn't question him like usual. She did as she was told. "She's not yours to boss around. She doesn't belong to you!" Jimin says while staggering to his feet. Jimin lunged and punched Yoongi in his stomach. Namjoon and J-Hope broke the two up before Yoongi could hit Jimin back. The boys settled down. "Whatever it is you too need to stop!" Jin yelled from the hallway. Namjoon stayed with Jimin until he calmed down and J-Hope walked Yoongi to his bedroom. "Are you okay bro?" "Yeah J-Hope I'm good. Thanks." Yoongi opened his bedroom door and closed it behind him. Jasmine was pacing the floor. She ran to Yoongi and gave him a hug. Yoongi looked at Jasmine's wrists. They were red despite her having deep milk chocolate skin. Yoongi eyes was filled with rage again and he attempted to walk out his room. Jasmine stopped him by closing the door while standings behind him. She hugged him from behind. "Thanks Yoongi, but I don't need you save me. Jimin wouldn't hurt me that bad and I'm a big girl." Jasmine softly said in his ear while still hugging him from behind. "What the hell Jasmine? He had you pinned down like he was a savage. What happened?" Yoongi said while sitting down on his bed and looking up at Jasmine. He placed his hand on his stomach. Ignore the was worth it. She's safe. "Nothing...just a misunderstanding Yoongi." "I'm not stupid Jazz. Tell me." Jasmine saw how he was holding his stomach. She got down on her knees and moved his arm. She lifted up his shirt. She was shocked to see the red and blue bruise in his stomach. "I just told you." She said in a soft tone. "So you are not gonna tell me?" Yoongi chuckled "Typical Jasmine!" Jasmine began kissing his bruise. She planted soft kisses on his stomach. "Poor baby. This is all my fault." Yoongi bit his lip. He let out a small moan. "No it wasn't Jazz." She continued kissing his stomach and she slid her hand down his basketball ball shorts. She begin stroking his memeber. Yoongi began gasping. "Jasmine..." "I seen you talking to some girl in the library." Jasmine says while stroking him. "The girl with the blonde hair. You like her?" Yoongi eyes began fluttering as Jasmine licks his stomach. "No I don't like her." He moaned "Are you lying to me? I seen you speak to her after ever bussiness class too Yoongi." Jasmine began kissing the top of penis still stroking him. "No baby I promise....she was just asking....shit...more please Jazz..." Yoongi groaned. "Asking what Yoongi?" Jasmine stopped touching him. "You think I'm stupid." "No don't stop." He grabbed her hand and placed it back on his memeber. "Tell me the truth Yoongi." "She was just asking questions about the assignments. I promise. Please don't leave me like" Jasmine grinned. "I guess I believe you." She began sucking him with intensity. He grabbed her hair and began moving his hips. "I love it when you do it like this." He groaned. "Shish....I'm about to..." Suddenly she could feel him tighten his posture and grow really relaxed as she felt his man milk fill her mouth. "Mmm tastes just like suga...." She says as she wipes her mouth with her hand. Jasmine looks at her clock. "Shit I gotta go for tryouts for the dance squad." Yoongi grabbed her by the hips and sits her on his lap. "How can I replay you?" He brushes his lips across her cheek. "You have forever bae. My room is next door." Jasmine giggled. "I gotta go bae. Yoongi kissed her and let her go. "I'll walk you there."