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ok so I was tagged to do tis so I do have 15 bias I think haha lets c haha 1. Kim taehyung aka.v he's j so cute kyahhh~ always a fan of his n always will be whn I first say bts I was lookin at jungkook untill I saw him n I was like omg!!! haha his smile always makes my day brighter I call him my hubby haha n I always will bc he is my hubby haha anyways he also inspires me a lot to never give up my hope ( haha made it sound like I said hobies name haha) or passion in dancin my parents r against it but whn I c bts n tae I always say " if thy try their best fo army n never give so should I" is wat I always say, so I wanna thnk tae n bts fo makin me believe I can do wat I want n never give up hope his voice is wat I wake up to every mornin bc his voice always makes my day brighter haha
2.xiumin kyahhh~ the cute baozi oppa~ even if he is the oldest in EXO he is still the cute one haha he is so cute tat I always wanna pinch his chubby cheeks haha he also has tat sexy image tat I can never get out of my head idk y haha
3.suho the leader who takes care of EXO idk how to say it but it's like whn I look at him I always have to c more or listen to more of his voice haha
4.baekhyun he is always the happy n loud one wth Chen n chanyeol which always makes me happy their happy
5. zelo he is j so kool n cute at the same time idk haha
6. himchan he has tat image tat I look fo in a guy idk y tat bad lookin image haha
7. daehyun his features remind me of tae n baek haha
8. jungkook his voice always gets to me j like Taetaes voice, it's like I'm in heaven or somethin whn I listen to his voice whn he also hit puberty I was like omg!! haha
9.wooshin he is j idk adorable like all the rest of the guys haha idk wat to say bout him haha but his voice is wat I look fo haha
10.jin he is the mother of bts n I luv tat he takes care of the other members he's always so cute haha
11.namjoon aka rap monster I luv his rappin skills thy always amaze me n I always like to listen to his voice
12.myungsoo aka L in infinite he is the one I always try to look fo haha he always stands out to me idk y haha
13.hoshi she is so cute haha reminds me of a dinosaur
14.ji yeon she is sooo pretty~ I really like her frm Tara even if I like qri to haha but she is someone who is pretty a lot of ppl don't like her but I do she I j so pretty n not j tat she also likes kids n is shy whn she first met ppl she kinda reminds me of me haha she is pretty n luvs kids she is cute n funny if u actually pay attention n watch her carefully she also makes cute actions tat make even girls fall fo haha I wish I was as cute n pretty j like her
15.qri she is j so pretty~
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