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Here is Part 4 guys

Stranger in the Dark link to part 1 link to part 3


Part 4: Stranger in the Dark

The professor Mr. James was in the front of the class as he explained some clips of art during the Renaissance period. The classroom was dark. Everyone seemed to enjoy the lesson. All the young girls wanted his class, because he was supposed to be the hottest teacher on campus. Mr. James was about 35 years old. He was fit. He was about 5'10 with thick brown hair and deep chestnut eyes. He wore fitted dress shirts and slacks. "Make sure to take detailed notes. This will be on the exam." Mr. James says while pushing up his glasses. All the students continue to type their notes on their apple pads. College was so different from years ago. Students did not use paper and pen for notes. It was fine since the college was big on technology. Jasmine was biting on her lip while thinking about Jimin. He smelled so good in dance class. I can't believe he was able to pick me us like I was weightless. I'm not fat by any means, but damn. I know him and Yoongi are not seeing eye to eye, but I guess Jimin was right for being mad at me...but then again it's all his fault. Suddenly, Jasmine felt a hand rub her rear in the dark. When she turned around she couldn't see anyone. She ignored it and began day dreaming. The professor's voice was fading like a distance memory. Suddenly, she felt a finger slip inside her. She covered her mouth. If anyone seen this it she would be so embarrassed. She closed her eyes and just prayed they would stop. This person continued attacking her with their fingers. They were plugging deep into her. Curving their finger just right. Shit I'm about to mess myself. Please just stop even though it feels so fucking good. Thoughts of Jimin flooded her mind. Then Jimin and Yoongi both having her at the same time. Shit I'm crazy stop this madness! I'm about to come..... After summoning to this strangers fingers. The professor flicked on the lights. Everyone packed their belongings. "Remember quiz next class. I hope you took good notes. See you next class." Mr. James said. Jasmine quickly grabbed her bag. She ran down the hallway. She was looking for the next bathroom. She was frantic and lost in thought. She was pissed that her experience turned her on. I'm not some I? Suddenly some one grabbed her and pulled her into a deserted hallway. "Did you enjoy that Jazz?" Namjoon says while grinning showing his dimples. "I know you are drenched." "Namjoon I should beat your ass! What the fucking were you thinking?" Jasmine said while attempting to smack him. He grabbed her hand and pulled her arm tight around her back. He turned around while holding her hands tight against her back. She felt some fabric being used to tie her hands. He pressed her against the wall. "I've been thinking about fucking you." He says in a low deep husky tone while pulling up her skirt and ripping her panties off. "Namjoon...don't. What if we get caught?" Jasmine said. But she knew they wouldn't get caught since the art department was closed. No on was here expect for them. Namjoon bent her over while holding on to the fabric he used to tie her arms and thrusted inside her without any mercy. He was pounding her hard and fast. Jasmine eyes widen at how rough Namjoon was handling her. However, she loved it. Jasmine began screaming in pleasure as she heard their flesh smacking. Namjoon was grosning like a monster. Jasmine was so shocked at her behavior. She was more shocked at what came out her mouth. "Namjoon, fuck yes! Beat it up! Papi shit!" Namjoon grinned and then turned her around while using the wall to lift her and her proceed to screw her harder. "I knew you were a freak. Princess." His voice was deep. "You want Papi to screw your brains out?" " SΓ­, Papi sΓ­!" Jasmine screamed. "You feel so fucking good. I'm beat it up like you never had it before." ************************* "Where is Jazz? We were supposed to go to that movie." Jungkook said. "I don't know. She ran out of class." Jin said while eating some chips. "She gonna make us all late for this movie." Jimin said while looking at her clock. "Oh there she go. Namjoon found her." Jungkook said. "It's about time you two. We don't have all day." Yoongi says while pulling her away from Namjoon. Namjoon gave Yoongi a dirty look. Jasmine ignored their tension. Jimin grinned while shaking his head. "Sorry guys give me 10 minutes and we can go." Jasmine skipped down to her room humming. "What the fuck is she so happy about?" Yoongi said while looking at Namjoon. "Dude I don't know?" Namjoon smirked. "Let's just have a nice night tonight." Jin says while stuffing snacks into his backpack. " These should be enough for us during the movies." "Bro, that's illegal!" V laughs. "No its smart!" Jimin laughs. Jasmine appeared from her room. Yoongi grabbed her. "Finally. Let's go."
Listen to this after you read. I can imagine Namjoon making this before his interactions with Jasmine.


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@JessicaVang Oh he knows he got swag. you should listen to his mix tapes if you haven't already. You will see the monster in him.
I wasn't expecting it to be Namjoon... ah my mind just...😐
Rapmon πŸ˜‰
oh god everyone is just thinking with their crotches here oh my. old does suga like her or something?and when u put that line on the story from namjoons ah I lost my shit it tickled me lol
@lashonda0917 we shall see in other chapters were everyone stands