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Guess Whose Birthday It Is? ^^
I know it's a couple hours early...but I'll be gone most of enjoy an early Sungmin day :)
Let's look at how our aegyo prince has progressed throughout the years... :)
And now we have this adorable guy (/.\)
And, of course, his still living ship ;)
But seriously, look at his adorableness (>.<)
So happy birthday Mr. Lee Sungmin! We all miss you so much! Work hard and come back safely! We hope to see you by next December! :)
I'm missing him and Shindong, Eunhyuk, Donghae and Swion right now 😞☹️
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@merryjayne13 I least he and Shindong come back next year :) And only 2 years until 2018 (/.\)
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