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Want to Play From the Start?: 2: 3: 4: You were flying. You had your date with Y/RM yesterday and the world was just beautiful to you. Your phone suddenly buzzed and you look down and notice an unusual number on your phone screen. The message reads, "Hey it's Alex. I asked for your number from the management to talk to you about something big for Bangtan. Meet me at the coffee shop." Well you weren't going anyway until you got a message from your boss forcing you to meet with Alex. You knew that Y/RM wouldn't like it but what could you do? You had no choice. "Hey. I'm going out. Tell Y/RM I'm going to that coffee shop. The only one in this town." You grab your purse and walk down to the coffee shop and you see a smiling Alex waiting outside. "Hey Y/N, didn't think you would come...before you say anything. I want to reintroduce myself again. Hi. My name is Alexander, the substitute manager for Got7." You couldn't help but stare. He was the Got7 substitute manager. You come back to reality and saw Alex staring right at you. You blush and stare down at the ground but look up again seriously. "Well it's nice to meet you again Alex," you say as you crack a smile at him. You go into the coffee shop and grab a booth. "So I was thinking Got7 and BTS should come back again together. They were great at the MAMAs and the fans loved it too," Alex talks and then looks towards you for approval. "It sounds good. I'll just have to talk about it with the boys and I'll text you their answer." You stand up to leave but someone grabs your wrist. "Y/N you're never going to be happy with him. Why don't you leave him for me?" You flick his wrist away. "I don't think you're that close to touch me and I'll never leave him. I know we will get so much hate from the public but he will protect me. Don't think about doing anything to harm him." You run out of the coffee shop and you dial Y/RM's cell.
You try to dial once more but the phone won't pick up. "God. It's so dark and I need to go. Please pick up." The call goes to voicemail again and you decide that you should put some distance between you and Alex. You start walking away from the coffee shop and you try to keep your mind off the dim lighting. As you walk you hear footsteps. You stopped and the footsteps stopped to. Then you start to walk and you hear the footsteps start to pick up again. This was becoming a nightmare. You pick up your pace and so does the person behind you. And then you run. You run as fast as you can go but the person behind you is also running. Their panting breath quickly catching up to you. And then someone grabs you.
"Y/N. God you never called and I was so worried. You know I get lost a lot and I'm not good with directions. Also I'm kind of lost, so why not help me out," he says through the phone. You can't help but giggle and pick up the pace to get away from the coffee shop and away from Alex. You needed to help Y/RM find his way to you. God you sounded cheesy. It took you a few minutes to find him. He was looking down at his map on his cell and then around him. He would frown and then look down at the map again. You watched him for awhile treasuring his cute actions. You walk past him and you tap him on the shoulder. "I'm lost," you say in broken Korean. He looks up with widened eyes. "Y/N! I'm so glad to see you. I thought. Oh I'm so glad. So glad." He kept repeating the same words. He then looks up at you noticing something off. "Hey. What's with the long face. I was going to find my way somehow don't look so sad." Then he remembered. "It was that guy right? You were told to meet with that guy?" Wait how did he know...I never told anyone. "See I kind of looked at your texts before you did, and tried to follow you but I got lost. I'll kill him if he did anything to you." You looked up to meet his eyes. "Y/N I never actually gave you something to say that you're mine and no one else can take you." He slips a ring into your finger. "Say you'll be mine forever, through hardships and hate." "I do," you whisper as his soft lips pressed against yours.
He wasn't picking up. Out of all the times you needed him it was now. All of a sudden there was a crash and people shouting in the coffee shop. You decided that it was better to go back in the store then stay out in the dark. Then you saw them. It was Y/RM and Alex throwing punches at each other. You couldn't have Y/RM be seen this way. You had to get him away from Alex and away from the coffee shop. You pulled away at his arm to break him away from tearing into Alex who's face had taken a few hits already. "Get away. We have to go now," you hissed at Y/RM. You finally got through to his thick skull and left the coffee shop but before leaving you apologized to Alex for everything that happened. But Y/RM wasn't happy at all because you apologized. "Hey, Y/RM why were you at the coffee shop? And fighting Alex?" He just walked on as if no one had said anything. You turned to face him and repeated your questions. "He said to break up with me." Wait. How had Y/RM heard that...he wasn't there in the shop...? You're face gave off what you were thinking. "Aisshhhh I was stalking I was making sure you were safe. I never liked that guy, so I just sat two booths down from yours and listened in. It was when he said to leave me that I couldn't take it anymore." You tried to hide the smirk on your face but the dim lights gave it away. He cupped your chin into his hand and said, "Y/N I'll never leave you. I'll make you the happiest woman in the world," and as he said that he slipped a ring onto your finger. And to this day you're still the happiest woman. In the world.
And for those who ended up choosing the doomed present above are two choices. Choose wisely!

Thank you all for playing! I hope you guys enjoyed it! 💕

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so I'm married to Suga!!!❤❤❤
yay! I chose the secong ring!
wait the second one says "1." but it's 2 in 4 so that means I didn't pick the doomed one rite?
wait so was the doomed present #2 and #2 was the top one right?
I would get the doomed one..... Well, I chose the second bracelet.
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