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So I got into kpop earlier this year and absolutely fell in LOVE!! Since then I have shared kpop with my 12yr old sister(her fav group is bts), 11yr old brother(he likes big bang) and 4yr old baby sister(she likes all lol).... and I kinda want to share it with my parents! BUT I don't know WHAT to show them. My dad doesn't like pop (which is kind of an issue!) he kinda likes rap but the song HAS to have a good meaning (like good lyrics NO curse words) and NOT sound like nonsense!! My mom is pretty easy she likes all kinds of music (pop, ect...) Sooooo any suggestions?????

Thanks for reading!!

-Sunshine UPDATE: I have decided to show my mom Kdramas! (thanks @luna1171) so I need suggestions!!!!! she likes shows like pretty little liars, parenthood ect.. soooo any thoughts or ideas????
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lol ok I'll try that with my mom too. thanks @luna1171
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I agree with @luna1171 lol Dramas are a really good place to start.
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@ChavaBerry you welcome you will see .. I actually had my mom watch BOF that was her first one and she loved it like everyone else.. hahahha well she fell in love with Kim Hyun Joong haha the second lead syndrome. . why I was all crazy for Lee Minho. .haha
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I'm with the others. start with kdramas from dramafever. a cute drama like boys over flowers, your beautiful or something along those lines. as for your dad I would think to stay away from block b, only because there rap is kinda hard for what your looking for. try B.A.P their early music. hope that helps, good luck 馃榿
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ok thanks I will try that @desesoray
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