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Pooping, is a delicate art form.

There are several variables that come into play when attempting the perfect..umm.. poop. Time and setting are two pivotal things one must take into account with attempting to deliver a smooth #2.

Apparently, 40 percent of travelers have a rough time squeezing the Charmin while on vacation, a whopping 60 percent less than 100 percent.

“Any time you leave your general habitat, it’s throwing your gut microflora off balance,” says Brooke Alpert, a dietician and self-professed professor of poopy.
If those two constipation causes weren’t enough, just a time zone change can add to the distress upon your gut: the time difference can throw off your natural bathroom..ehh... rhythm.
So how to we help with this offset these issues? Drink more water. Eat more veggies. Enjoy some fruit with your breakfast. Keep those things in your diet, and you will keep a steady flow through most situations.
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