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Guess what I found today on YT! Yup! Yup! English interview!

What's your favorite part of the interview?

1. My favorite was the part when the members spilled "Brian cries all the time."
He's a sentimental thug.
2. The meaning behind day6:
+ Six members = #6 + Each member represents a day. + The 7th day represents the audience/fans. So, that's why we're SUNDAYS!
3. The fact that all 6 tracks are self-composed. Yeah, they're UNBELIEVABLE. ^^ Well, I hope you like this short interview! :)
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SUNDAYS?! Thats actually such a cute fan name I had no idea omg!!!!!!!!
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@kpopandkimchi Yes! I was actually really excited when I found out because my childhood nickname is SundayTrain. Maybe I should change my username.
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What and English interview?! Yasssss thank you for this lol
2 years ago·Reply
@maddiedo you're welcome!
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