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So apparently I went on Instagram to check on my "husbands" account and I see everyone in the comments saying "sorry" to each of the members ig.
I asked in a comment section on taeyangs ig, and there was a nice person who spared their time on replying.
Big Bang were on their way to Beijing for the New Years concert in China for Hunan TV until they realized that the airport was pretty crowded....
Many fans were over them and let's say, what the commenters on ig said, they were scared and uncomfortable, and they are deeply sorry for their actions.
But it's because they love youuuuu!!! They haven't see you guys in so long and they are just so overwhelmed to see you in China again!
Do you think this is a natural thing considering they are fans or was this a bit too extreme? Let me know! (I'm not so good in this writing-like-a-blog type of card xD) @helixx @jiyongixoxo @CreeTheOtaku @KwonOfAKind @Kpopandkimchi @MadAndrea @GDsGF @LoveTopia
Previously to this they were at Gimpo airport receiving gifts from fans everything was nice and peaceful. Seungri asked from some manuscripts in Chinese (I'm guessing he was living to impress at the moment, you know with his amazingly mutilingual self 鈾♀櫋) I thought to myself "This is nice I'm going to go to bed now" And then just now I just woke up from a nightmare (and apparently it was my Big Bang endanger senses going off) Because I see that upon reaching their destination that's when they started living their own I did a little digging and the girl was asked repeatedly not to tough TOP by team members and himself (I don't know about you guys but I'm a firm believer that you shouldn't touch someone, and it you happen to do some and they ask you to stop. THEN YOU SHOULDN'T TOUCH THEM!!) I don't know if you guys a saw this but in the very beginning of the video a person actually gets shoved and he hits TOP and then there's like this moment of "omfg!!" Jiyong was overwhelmed and his manager had like "The grip of death" on him trying to protect him an d safely guide him out The whole situation was just deeply saddening to see I'm very happy that they did make it out and they are safe now and I hope something like this doesn't happen to them again (I'm going to stop being that report lady person now but i gotta give seriois credit to Big Bang for keeping their chill for the most part because if I was in that airport , I'd be handing out elbows left and right lol)
There's a fine line between just wanting to see your idols and being disrespectful. they're not being idols in this moment. they just got off a damn airplane, they're exhausted, they aren't up for entertaining you! back the fuck off. their expressions in the video where they're literally pushing through the crowd was obvious discomfort. BE RESPECTFUL. GIVE THEM SPACE AND A CLEAR ROUTE TO GET OUT. For Christ's sake they're human beings.
This really saddens me to know that big bang has to worry about their saftey more now.. this is why we can't have nice things馃槩馃檹馃挒
@lovetopia Thanks for the videos T.O.P looked back at that girl who grabbed him and yanked his arm off (I think that was T.O.P) I feel soo bad for them 馃槥
It's fine if they are there but if they give the guys space but when they mob them and borderline trample them then it's not okay
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