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So apparently I went on Instagram to check on my "husbands" account and I see everyone in the comments saying "sorry" to each of the members ig.
I asked in a comment section on taeyangs ig, and there was a nice person who spared their time on replying.
Big Bang were on their way to Beijing for the New Years concert in China for Hunan TV until they realized that the airport was pretty crowded....
Many fans were over them and let's say, what the commenters on ig said, they were scared and uncomfortable, and they are deeply sorry for their actions.
But it's because they love youuuuu!!! They haven't see you guys in so long and they are just so overwhelmed to see you in China again!
Do you think this is a natural thing considering they are fans or was this a bit too extreme? Let me know! (I'm not so good in this writing-like-a-blog type of card xD) @helixx @jiyongixoxo @CreeTheOtaku @KwonOfAKind @Kpopandkimchi @MadAndrea @GDsGF @LoveTopia
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they really shouldn't have been there, and acted the way they did
this video is an example on how the fans should have acted. granted, this is years ago but still.... this is how fans should have been regardless. polite and respectful.
I was actually proud of people that went to the LA airport we actually made a little human t煤nel for out oopas and put our hands out to see if they high five us but it was cool because everyone listen and follow directions 馃槏 this is a video I took 馃槅馃憠 馃憟 monster X, Zion T, and Sistar 馃槏馃槏馃槏 I was so close to them ahhhhhhhhh the memories 馃槏馃槏馃槏. . lol
@falme2 girl cuz its in the US...we have some class n respect for celebs
I think people (fans) should remember they are people too! All fans should be respectful and give them space. I mean think about it. They have screaming fans while they are on stage. They really don't need screaming fans everywhere they go. Give them some peace and quiet while they are out in public. I can understand fans being like that when the idols are being their "stage" self. But when they are out and not being their famous self and want to be normal, have some respect and give them space.