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Farewell, Felicia - OR IS IT?
At first, I was like "Damn, Penguin. Where'd you get that gun from?" And then I thought about it, and man, maybe this is because it's in Antarctica, but generally, escape-by-balloon isn't usually the best way to go. Couldn't he have gotten a buddy to fly in a helicopter?
@VeronicaArtino If you're going to break up with a girl in the most BS way possible, you'd better think of a better escape plan lol.
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omg I'm dying....she gonna get even with him.
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馃槀馃槀馃槀 Oh dear god, a friend from work and I crack Bye Felicia jokes all the time, I'ma have to show her this.
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what happens if she misses the balloon and hits him
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Ahhh! So cute! I just love penguins!馃惂
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