Happy to have been tagged by @staceyholley for this challenge
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If you have a tattoo, make a card and explain it if you want, if it's too personal, then you don't have to! Or if you have more than one tattoo, pick one or two to share with us! OR if you don't have any at all, still share with the community what you would like to get! Tag friends!

1st Tattoo

I was 22 when I got my first tattoo.. it says
"I'd Die to be a Ghost"
which to me means I want to be felt but not seen the six stars represent the number of years I spent in my longest relationship..

2nd Tattoo

After the first I was on a tattoo spree
I got the winged star and cupcake at the same time
The winged star represents me and how at that age I was finally free from my families rules
like I mentioned in a previous challenge my nickname is Cupcake and it has a special meaning between me and a very good friend of mine

3rd Tattoo

Im not at all happy about this one Im definitely going to get it fixed
and tbh I can't remember why I got it..

4th Tattoo

I was actually going in for something totally different but when I saw it I wanted to have it instead.. Growing up my mom used to say I had mountain lion eyes.. I love cats so I thought this fit me more

Future Tattoos:

So many to mention however I made plans with my two nieces to get tattooed on Valentine's Day and this is what I plan on getting
tagging some beautiful people
like your tats! I don't have any yet but I have a whole slew of ones I want to get. I'll be happy to make a card, thanks for the tag!
Awesome! Can't wait to see the future tats! They look really good!!
Love them. yes I have a tat