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Can we just take a minute to talk about and appreciate forehead kisses????
They are the cutest thing!!!! I honestly think that they are better than regular kisses!!! I don't know why, it is just that they are so cute and adorable and I can't stop the feels when I see them!!!
Requirement of future husband: GIVE FOREHEAD KISSES!!!! ... ... sorry... it is past midnight...I have been watching dramas all day...this is the state my mind is in.... @yewookyu help me...
BONUS: BANGHIM! cuz they are my favorite ship (mostly because of their ship name)
WE CAN TALK ABOUT THEM. Have you seen Mary Stayed Out All Night? Forehead kisses galore! also the last gif took me totally by surprise ahhahahhaha
@kpopandkimchi I got half way through Mary Stayed Out All Night and then had to stop cuz second lead feels!!! Pinocchio is the one that killed me with the forehead kisses! πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•
Yes Emergency Couple's forehead Kiss is so adorable but @kpopandkimchi I just finished Mary stayed out all Night and it's super cute, I love when Moo Yeol gets drunk and kisses Ma Ri's scar on her forehead! 😍