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Got tagged by my bestie @staceyholley <3 This is my first card so let's see how this goes lol This list is not in order just fyi lol I just listed down who are my favorites and I don't like ranking any of them because I just love them all at once.
1. Min Yoongi When Stacey first showed me BTS, she instantly knew who was going to be my bias and it was Jin and Yoongi. Even though Jin caught my eye first, Yoongi took over my heart so I consider my Mint Suga as my first and ultimate bias of all time *-*
2. Jin Even though he did catch my eye first, he's still my Jincess <3 props to Stacey for that lol
3. Namjoon After listening to No More Dream and literally have it on repeat for an hour or two straight, I fell in love with his voice. Even more when I listened to his recent cover with Jungkook. I love my little Joonie <3
4. Baekhyun He has a voice of an angel *-* and will always be my main bias from EXO
5. Sehun I'll be honest here, I couldn't choose between Sehun and Beakhyun because it's just pure perfection. I find out that Sehun is also Stacey's bias so we ended up sharing him .-. It's weird that we didn't kill each other............yet......................... lol
6. Luhan He just looks so damn sexy in Growl *-* also I love his voice and I completely support him on his solo career <3
7. Xiumin Oh you know, he just casually stepped into my bias list. I blame his adorableness and his sexiness *-*
8. Chanyeol Okay this son of a bitch just walks into my freaking bias list like he's some hot shit or something just because he looked so god damn perfect in EXO next door. WHAT GAVE YOU THE RIGHT SIR ahjdsnaduhfa Ugh I sometimes stop breathing when I stumble upon a cute little picture of him and/or a sexy ass gif like tf
9. Mark No words really, just heart eyes everytime I see him <3 he's the type that I just want to cuddle with every night.
10. Woozi SUGA IS THAT YOU?! Oh wait no it's Woozi from Seventeen.....still claims his as bias because so much adorableness in one short body *-*
11. Joshua So. Much. cuteness <3
12. Xu Ming aka The8 I had to wait 5 days for his birthday to come along so he could turn 18 lol it was a struggle, those 5 days took its time. I can sincerely say that Seventeen is such an amazing group and I love them to death <3
13. T.O.P Besides GD, top is literally another definition of pure perfection *-*
14. San Cheong The very first to catch my eye in JJCC! <3
15. Minhyuk After watching Hero I was instantly hooked to Monsta X thanks to Stacey lol and Minhyuk caught my eye first and I just couldn't stop looking at him the entire time *-*
Never thought I had this many bias' in my list o.o took a while but I did it! Hope you enjoyed this card, I don't really know who to tag on this since this is my first card but for now I'll tag my besties lol @Ligaya @staceyholley <3
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"This isn't in order Bc I love them the same" *puts ultimate bias Yoongi as #1*
*sign* Chan 😍