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I was tagged by @Emealia to do this.
This is me when I was younger. I used to wear a ton of hats. I also used to be obsessed with teletubbies, especially po (the red one).
This is me now. You all have seen these pictures before but my face looks awful right now and I don't want to put on makeup just to take a selfie... these pictures are pretty makeup free though since I'm only wearing foundation and lip balm. I'm pretty sure almost everyone has been tagged to do this already but if you haven't then I'll tag you.
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Uugghh my sisters were SO into teletubbies.....LaLa and Po. Truth be told that show kinda weirded me out lol. But anyway you're gawjuss.
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@Emealia haha thanks 馃槉
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@PassTheSuga lol now that I think back the show was kind of weird but back then I pretty much watched it religiously. I liked Barney too 馃槀
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@JustinaNguyen Barney was the ish for a lil bit there too....I feel you on that one. There was one dude on that show....I can't remember his name but he was bae in our house 馃槀馃槀馃槀
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You're so gorgeous!! :)
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