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Sorry for my Texan drawl coming out but bro!!!! Have you listened to Fools by RapMonster and Jungkook?!? That stuff hit my kokoro!!!! I cried because it was so pretty!!! RapMonster!! I didn't know you could sing like that!! Why aren't you also a vocal??? PD-NIM!!! WHAT ARE YALL DOING?!? That boys voice!!! WOOF!!! That was.....ooh!.....I can't even right now. And paired with Jungkook's beautiful Golden Maknae voice....that boy gets me everytime!!!.....I..I need to go to bed cause it's like 11:50pm and I'm going crazy... But..I'm gonna listen to that song as I sleep so I can dream of RapMonster and Jungkook singing to me as I sleep.....dont judge my least, they are tame compared to some of them A.R.M.Y.s out there...
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Like, Rap Mon's voice...I can't....even......