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GOT7 BTS VIXX........ DANCING APART THEN AS ONE!!!!! Opening of the 2015 GAYO Festival.
YOU KNOW I FREAKED THE SHIT OUT OF MYSELF WHEN BTS AND GOT7 PERFORMED AT THE MAMA'S, AND NOW WITH VIXX!!!!!!! I THINK I SHARTED (BTW sharted means shit and fart at the same time,it happens alot when I get excited馃槶)
Was i the only one that cried when i notice BTS dance to a song from Rap Monsters mix and rap monster wasn't there because of what happened so in reality he was still there in spirit that so cool i love it...hope Namjoon oppa gets better soon Fighting~
It shouldn't even be legal for all of them to perform together at the same time! This was simply amazing. Three of my favorite groups coming together, I might be in heaven. lol
My eyes!!! 馃憖 May they now rest in peace after being blessed by such a glorious thing!!!!! 馃槏
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