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Continuing the Funny YouTubes of 2015 challenge, I totally just remembered another funny YouTube that I was obsessed with earlier this year that I'm pretty sure many of you equally loved. Ladies and gentlemen of Vingle, I bring to you - THE 'UNBREAKABLE KIMMY SCHMIDT' THEME SONG (EXTENDED VERSION).
In perfect Antoine Dodson style, a witness goes on local news to provide a ridiculous recount of exactly how he reacted when he first discovered the Mole Women of 'Unbreakable'. (I'm not about to give away any spoilers, but if you haven't seen this show already, GET ON NETFLIX. RIGHT NOW. JUST DO IT.)
Not only does this aforementioned witness, Walter Bankston, get the full Songify This treatment, but a clip of the song ends up as the show's opening theme all through Season 1!
However, the REAL gift is that the Songify This team actually released a FULL VERSION of the song on YouTube, and since it was first uploaded in March, it's seen almost 4 million views!
So without further ado, you can click above to check out the extended YouTube cut of the 'Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt' theme song for yourself. FEMALES ARE STRONG AS HELL.
Schmoyoho is like my favorite youtube thing ever. Their Songify the news stuff is amazing.
Yassss we are unbreakable!