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I know its dangerous for me to say which idol you believe is selfless because lots of people may know and say lots of idols are selfless but I'm gonna be real lol I believe that BTS's Jimin is a very selfless person and I'm not saying that because he's my ultimate bias but watching BTS for a long time now I have realized how helpful Jimin is. When the members go through hard times Jimin is always there. I stumbled upon the video of Jin messing up on one of their stages for 'No More Dream' and noticed that Jimin was there consoling him when he was balling his eyes out. (Like Jimin is Hubby material) There are lots of other times but that moment was most memorable for me. Do you know any other idols who you believe is selfless?
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He's seriously such a great person! I feel the same way about Lay from EXO. No matter what, he always tries to put the fans, his members, and his family first. He seems like a great guy!