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2015 was a pretty hard year for me. I saw and experienced new things some of them good some of them bad.
The Bad ° I didn't start college ° My bulimia has gotten worse
The Good ° I started to love myself again ° I discovered the crazy world of Kpop ° Vingle opened new doors for me ° I graduated high school ° I beat my 3 year slump of depression without medication
So like everybody else in the world I'm making a new years resolution. I vow to become a better me and discover my purpose in this life
you've done very well from the sounds of it. I'm sure you will continue to achieve great things. Good Luck
welcome to the world of kpop! I've been a fan since 2012 and there are times when kpop helped me overcome my times of depression. Its very important to love your self thing's will get better
thanks for sharing... I share that voy with you. love ourselves first and be thr best selves we can be!!