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Griz and Norm Lemay run a joint Instagram account where they often share a behind-the-scenes look at life at the Walt Disney Animation Studio. Griz is a visual development artist and character designer, and Norm is a storyboard artist, and together they make one insanely talented animation power couple.
With the 'Star Wars' hype that's undoubtedly taken over most of December, the two collaborated on a special series of illustrations that imagines the franchise's popular characters if some of them owned cats.

First, we've got R2D2, and its fluffy black-and-white 'cow cat'.

Then we've got the franchise's latest heroine, Rey, with her equally spry bengal.

BB-8 is possibly the first crazy cat droid of its galaxy.

Leia's got a cat that's arguably way more of a princess.

And Queen Padmé and her black cat look impeccably Imperial.

So which one's your favorite? Who do you think they should give a cat to next?

Let me know in the comments below, and to check out more of Griz and Norm's work, follow their official Instagram account here.
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okay but....imagine Darth Mal with a cat
or Yoda
@CreeTheOtaku An ewok with a cat would just look like he had a baby.
@danidee I CAN SEE IT OMG
@CreeTheOtaku Lmao I wish I could make illustration requests to them. EWOK WITH CAT PLS.