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To those of you, who used to watch the 2 movies : "Before Sunset" and "Before sunrise", you would realized this bookshop in the first sight. In this bookshop, in Paris, where the "traveler couples" met each other again after 10 years without contacts. It was such a romantic story, a love story that all the backpacker would love to experience during their adventure. Anyway, get back to this hidden spot. Shakespeare and Company is the name of two independent bookstores on Paris's Left Bank. The first was opened by Sylvia Beach on 17 November 1919 at 8 rue Dupuytren, before moving to larger premises at 12 rue de l'Odéon in the 6th arrondissement in 1922. During the 1920s, it was a gathering place for writers such as Ezra Pound, Ernest Hemingway, James Joyce and Ford Madox Ford.It closed in 1940 during the German occupation of Paris and never re-opened. You could find in this bookshop, all kind of books, from new books to secondhand ones. From current novels, to classic books. As well, in a little corner, you could find a spot for you to sit down to read books, and leave some notes of yourself on the wall, for your returns coming back :) Do me a favor, get yourself to this bookstore, and find my name in there on that wall for me ;)
yeah..I loved before sunset.. but before midnight kinda sucked.
really? when were you here?? I did come here after i watched the movie Before sunset . Pretty good though
LOL..... I've been there.... so quaint! :) (good photo!)
well, you need to pursade ur hubby, so you could go alone hehe
@nollakolla haha that's the reason why my hubby won't let me go~~~ @Tapsamai You should check it out. This time they travel to Greece!
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