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You can always thank YouTubers for conducting weird at-home experiments that you would never think to actually try yourself. And did you ever notice that it somehow always tends to involve soda?
In the following video, YouTuber CrazyRussianHacker (which isn't a suspicious username at all) put Coca-Cola to yet another crazy test by mixing it with bleach. So what happens? Prepare to have your mind blown - if ever so slightly.

First, the aforementioned CrazyRussianHacker does a little introduction.

Next, he begins the experiment by pouring some fresh and fizzy Coca-Cola into a drinking glass.

Then he adds a generous amount of generic bleach to the cup.

He gives the fading mixture a gentle stir and...

Boom. The bleach removes virtually all of the artificial color.*

Note: This does not mean that it is healthier to drink now. In fact, it would more than likely kill you much faster than a nasty soda habit would.

If you think that was kind of neat and want to watch the science unfold yourself, click the YouTube above!

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the Russian hacker
I watch his vids, he's kinda weird though. Even when he's cutting fruits he's like 'safety comes first' & wears his safety goggles lol!
I watched this on Tuesday. I also saw a couple more of them. He's cool
Our teacher showed us this in the classroom! Oxidation of the sugars causing the colour to disappear? But I can't remember which gas it produces, hopefully it's oxygen not chlorine!
He just wasted some good ass soda