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Sorry not Sorry . Yes, I'm starting the New Years like this .

But since that got your attention look at this . I was laughing so hard . XD

This is an explanation of why I am a NaLu 馃挍 shipper so please don't 馃檯馃徎 say NaLi stuff in the comments okay ?

I got some NaLu for you ,

Some GaLe ,

and I saved the best for last Gruvia .

Happy New Years Everybody !

I feel like Lucy and Natsu really have a connection and they care for each other dearly and I'm a total Nalu shipper because from the moment they meet they just get along so well and would do anything for each other Nali is cute and I agree that she did have something with natsu but that when they were kids and after that they never really had any real Nali moment since they were kids maybe once with the wedding dress thing but Lucy ended up having a moment as well so as far as Nali I don't think they really have anything compared to Nalu
I came here with the intent to plead my case of why GaLe is better, but then I noticed pics of them and got lost in the euphoria of their love and just lost all negative feelings. Gajeel and Levy!!!!
Happy new year and I'm also a NALU SHIPPER 馃榿馃榿
@wainahenahe the Nali thing kinda ended when Lisanna "died" because...well...kinda hard to date someone who is presumably "dead" and kinda has been for YEARS
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