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The first lovely boy you meet is Shin. Shin has a hard time showing his emotions but when he does he is very explosive. He is represented with hearts.
Next is Ikki. Ikki is a ver popular person due to a past wish. He is seen as a womanizer but that is due to his personal fangirl club that adores him. He is represented by spades.
My beloved Kent is very logic based and actually quite awkward in relationships. Although his faults he tries to help the heroine through her issues. He is represented by clubs.
Overprotective Toma. He loves the heroine so much he gets obsessive. He wants to protect her no matter what. He is represented by the Dimonds.
Last but not Least! My Favorite Ukyo. Ukyo is a guy with many sides. literally. He loves the herione so much he goes insane to be with her only to die multiple times. After all that ans his homicidal tendencies he is amazing and I dig him cx . He is represented by the Cresent moon symbol.
If it was you who would you choose as your forever someone?
What is the name to this anime?
love this anime it's awesome
@mymi it is called Amnesia
@mymi no problema
@fallinangel2017 alrighty thanks