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THIS WAS SO HARD!!!!! I think I sort of cheated a bit but it had to be done. I'd also like to say that I didn't include some of the people who are part of my actual top 15 biases simply because I wanted to show some love to the ladies. Sorry it turned out so long. you guys don't have to read the reasons. I went kind of overboard...
15. Irene I have a girl crush on all of the red velvet members but Irene has been my favorite lately simply because I find her adorable (even though she's older than me).
14. Ailee What can I say? She's absolutely amazing.
13. Sehun I love sassy people, whether they be people I know in real life or idols who I'll probably ly never meet. Sehun captured my heart when I first watched exo showtime. I especially like the episode where the members were shopping for chanyeol's birthday.
12. Jr It took a while for me to realize that he's my got7 bias (I went from Jackson to Mark to Jinyoung) but he's now my #1 in the group and not even yugyeom (who sort of came out of nowhere with the if you do comeback) is going to change that.
10 and 11: Amber and Taeyeon I honestly don't think it's possible to hate Amber. She's so likeable. Taeyeon is undeniably talented and beautiful. This is sort of a side note but Taeng doesn't seem as (genuinely) happy lately and I'm honestly worried about her. I hope that whatever is causing her trouble is over soon.
9. Goo Junhwe/Junhoe This guy has had my heart since 2013. I was one of those people who wanted team b to debut as winner (even though I loved mino and the rest of team a) . I think the reason why he's so high on my bias list is because I was actually present for his debut. I tend to take breaks in my obsession of kpop so when winner, got7, bts, red velvet, etc debuted I wasn't really an avid listener of kpop so I didn't find out about their debut until months afterwards. Ikon is the first group that I've been with since the beginning and junhoe is my bias since he's so freaking sassy and talented.
8. Song Minho This guy has a heart of gold and I love him for it. He's such a compassionate guy and he doesn't even try to hide it (unless he's performing). If you guys watch WIN, the unreleased videos from win (especially those where he's with team b), and winner tv you'll see what I'm talking about. It also doesn't hurt that he's talented af.
7. Jonghyun It was so hard for me to pick a bias from shinee since they're my second favorite group and I love all of the members. The reason I chose bling bling is because a couple months ago I had an ultimate bias scare because of him. Now, I don't actually have an ub (it's too hard to choose) but if I did it would make sense for them to be from my bias group, right? So when bling bling over here decides to go solo and slay all shawol hearts I seriously thought that he might be my ub. It turns out that he isn't though, but that man never fails to make my heart flutter with his angel voice.
6. CL I LOVE her. She's a queen. She's freaking perfect in my eyes. She slays everything she does. I'm so proud of her for breaking into the American entertainment industry and I hope that she becomes more well known here. I also hope for a 2nei comeback sometime next year because even though cl slays on her own, she's still better with 2nei.
5-1: Big Bang!!!!! Yes, I chose the entire group because big bang is my bias group and I love all of the members just about equally so I thought that it wouldn't be fair to pick just one of them.
Honorable mention: BTS I said before that I didn't include some of the people who would be on my actual top 15 list and bts is included in that category. I also had to factor in how I don't have an actual bias in the group so I ended up not including any of the members in my list.