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WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO ME?! This is torture! I'm still doing it though lol I had fun stressing out about this So its a photo of my bias' then its of video of the ranking that I have on my bias' for laughter. Shall we begin? Yes? OKAY!
#1 The one and only JACKSON WANG! He's my UB so of course my baby is going to be number 1. #1 Once again my baby JACKSON WANG I mean how can you not love his laugh
#2 THE GOLDEN MAKNAE!!! Jungkook-ah is my #1 BTS bias he's so amazing. Like My GOD! #2 My number 2 is SUNGJAE! That little ball of sunshine is so beautiful.
#3 CHIMCHIM! #3 LEETEUK OPPA!! He's laugh literally makes me die of laughter it's so contagious. I can't even with his laugh.
#4 MARK!! MAKIPOO! MARKEU! #4 MARK HIS LAUGH IS UNIQUE! When I first heard Mark laugh I was like HOLY SHIT WTF IS THAT?! I was expecting like a bit of I guess calmer laugh lol but I LOVE IT!
#5 SIWON! MY VERY FIRST KOREAN CRUSH! He should be my UB but Jackson stole his spot and moved him down to 5 sorry Oppa... #5 JB, does he even laugh or is it just screams? HAHA nonetheless it's cute.
#7 JB!!! I didn't want a GOT7 Bias list like I have with BTS but noooooooooo Mark and JB had to go ruin it. #7 SANHA!!!! MY LITTLE ASTRO BABY! I'm okay with being his Noona.
#8 ASTRO'S MOONBIN! Now with Moonbin I'm not okay with being his saddens me. WHY MOONBIN WHY?!?! #8 JIMIN!! I don't know how to describe Jimin's laugh haha it's just fits him perfectly.
#9 ASTRO'S BABY SANHA!!! Sanha is so innocent I couldn't find a sexy picture of him haha he's just so cute! I'm so excited for ASTRO to debut!! #9 SIWON Oppa's laugh is so manly it makes me laugh.
#10 BOBBY!!!!!!! YES! BOBBY!!!!!!! (whispers) goosebumps (slurps) too much sexiness for one photo #10 BAEKHYUN! Short but cute video of his laugh.
#11 SHOWNU! MY MONSTA X BIAS! #11 JIN! His laugh is (squeals)
#12 EUKWANG! HIS VOICE IS SO FREAKING BEAUTIFUL! I want to hear his solos when I die. #12 CHEN! I've never really paid attention to his laugh.
#13 LEETEUK OPPA! I WISH I CAN AGE LIKE HIM, but then I realize that I'm an American and we age fast unless we're lucky. LOOK AT MY OPPA! HE'S IN HIS EARLY THIRTIES AND LOOKS LIKE HE'S IN EARLY/MID 20s! While I look like in my 20s when I'm 18. #13 Jungkook-ah has a sweet calm laugh ☺
#14 I have G-Dragon towards the bottom because I'm jealous of his beauty. UGH! Why can't I be beautiful like G-Dragon. #14 TOP, TOP, TOP!
LAST BUT NOT LEAST... #15 D.O is #15 because I just recently memorized EXO's names and he was the first one I got right away haha but he is my EXO bias along with the other two main vocals (Chen and Baekhyun...if I'm correct.) #15 Is G-DRAGON because once again I'm jealous of this man's beauty. He looks beauty while laughing while I look like a dying seal.
OMG that list is longer than mine hahha.. I thought I had a long one.. well I did a card a while back don't know if you guys saw it.. why I am so obsessed with Koreans it has most of my biases well the guys in the drama.. not in the Boys group check them out.. @xsandos17 @VeronicaArtino @TracyLynnn
Watching all of those laughing compilations made my face hurt to be honest, I could watch any more after like 6 or 7 because I was giggling/laughing/grinning ear to ear. 😂😂😂
at least you can pick! I wake up and somebody has ruined the list!
jealousy I don't think i have 15