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Where will you guys be for New Years!?

New Years Eve is my birthday (so, uh, today...) so I usually have dinner with my family and then go to my friend's house with a bunch of our other friends and countdown!
That being said, here are two playlists you can use no matter what you're doing on New Years:

1. Party with Friends

These are songs that might be cool with non kpop fans. Don't hate me for putting Psy in there, they need something they know so they don't go insane ahahaha
BTS - Dope
AOA - Heart Attack
Sistar - Shake It
Big Bang - Sober
Psy - Gangnam Style
Red Velvet - Dumb Dumb
iKon - What's Wrong?
Twice - OOH-AHH

2. Party With Yourself

Well, this is mainly a list of songs I REALLY embarrassingly dance and sing along to whenever I hear them so I'd prefer to be alone listening to them HAHAHA
Hyuna - Roll Deep
BTS - Boy In Luv
EXID - Ah Yeah
Sistar - Touch My Body
Seventeen - Mansae
VIXX - Chained Up
Big Bang - Bang Bang Bang
AOA - Like A Cat
VIXX - Love Equation

So, what will you guys be up to at midnight?!

(ps, you crazy australians! happy new year to you guys already!!! @mattk95 @jiggzy19^^)
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And I'll be partying by myself. :-D But that's ok because I like that playlist better. XD
I'll probably be sleeping lol, but me and my sister may be up watching anime.
using both since I have claimed the giant TV in the living room
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And all of the above for a party in my bed. Thank you~~ ♡