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Yes, you read that right. New research out of Purdue University revealed that your body needs a little fat to help absorb the disease-fighting phytochemicals in salad’s veggies. So choose an olive oil–based vinaigrette (that way you’re getting healthy fats), and remember that portion size still counts, says Dawn Jackson Blatner, RD, author of The Flexitarian Diet: A 2 Tbsp serving goes a long way.
New research's coming out everyday and the latest ones somehow always tend to contradict the last, so Imma take this with a grain of salt.
@carlosdang i think that the people who researched about this fact are talking about the fact that people need to balance their diets more with a little bit of fat instead of eating fat-free meals that are hard to digest!
fat can help you digest?????? wauuuu who knew!