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15. Kim Jinhong 24k He's the new addition to 24K and this maknae is rocking it. He's also my age so that's always a bonus. He's in no way last, there just isn't a lot of info about him yet.
14. Oh Sehun Exo All I can say is that I'm a sucker for rainbow hair. Sehun freaking WORKS rainbow hair. We have really similar personalities as well, earning him the 14th spot!
13. Choi Minho Shinee I have a weakness for deep voices and Minho definitely succeeds in that department. He also looks good shirtless. What can I say. Arms and Abs that's where it's at for me.
12. Kim Ki-bum (Key) Shinee Key's voice has developed so amazingly over the years, and has caused me to secure a place in my heart for him. He may have some strange fashion sense at times, but he looks so good with bright blue eyes. Not to mention the rainbow hair. Once again.
11. Jackson Wang Got7 This pabo has never failed to make me laugh. He's not my type, but I still love him and his amazing dancing. His ARMS. I'll just end it there.
10. Byun Baekhyun Exo His voice is amazing and I'm a sucker for strong vocals. You'll start to see a trend as it gets closer to the top 5.
9. Park Chanyeol Exo Deep voice and he's adorable. How can you not love that face?
8. Mark Tuan Got7 His deep voice. Check Adorable and sexy at the same time. Check Can do freaking awesome floppy stuff. Check Can dance. Check Speaks English. Check Check Check
7. Kim Jongdae (Chen) Exo Honestly, his voice gives me life. He's cute and a savage. His smile is so amazing too.
6. Kim Jonghyun Shinee Now this man right here. He is the second voice I fell in love when I began listening to Kpop. I could listen to him sing for days, months, years. His voice is so unique and he hits those high notes. Plus he is a dancing machine. Can't forget his cheekbones that can slice through freaking diamonds holy crap
Yessss!! This list is so accurate! I love Jackson so much because he's crazy as hell haha. And Baekhyun's legs look perfect like him.
They are all so perfect!! I love them.
Jonghyun was my very first kpop bias. love him to death