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Have any of you guys actually sat there and considered the lyrics in 'Hotline Bling'? I mean, homegirl sounds like she's really come into her own as a human being. I don't know why Drake has to be acting so frosty about it.
Duuude. It does change the way you look at it doesn't it?? I mean, switch it up a minute. Let me put myself in the scenario: "So..." *sassy head snap* "You move away and I. FIND. MY. SELF. I become an independent WOMAN, and suddenly...Sud-den-ly, YOU taught me everything I know?! And YOU need to know where I'm out drinking? And YOU need to know all my girls? Uh-uh, Drake!! Don't EVEN. You coulda stayed right here in the city with me, but NO! You're calling me up all the time like some hooker on some, some 1-800-HotlineBling! Who do you think I am, DRAKE!" *throws a champagne glass* Mmmm-hmmmm. Jus' sayin'. 馃槷馃槈
@ButterflyBlu mmmmhm! Yea girl! Talk up d tings dem! I like that. You should make a come back song
@ButterflyBlu preach sista I feel ya mmmmhmmn lol
Oh that;s right!馃槀 @ButterglyBlu
Ahahahahah this image fits the song a lot better actually
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