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Tea is the health drink du jour, and with good reason. It’s packed with potent antioxidants. But coffee is also loaded with plant compounds that could reduce your risk for diabetes and Alzheimer’s-like dementia. Plus, research shows a little caffeine (if you know it doesn’t make you jittery) may even help you power through an intense morning workout. “Sixteen ounces of brewed coffee before noon is your sweet spot,” says Blatner. “You’ll get the health benefits without disrupting your sleep.”
Health tips you've been posting have been aggressively getting counter-intuitive these days, haha @miranpark88 . Love it! Imma tell my friends no need to hold the canon on their coffee intake.
@montecarlo hahahaha 16 ounces only!! no more than that : )
is this really true? So is coffee better than tea?