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Which answer would you guys pick? These are just some of the screenshots I took of the live (: So it's something like(NOT WORD FOR WORD BUT THE GENERAL QUESTION!! I numbered them according to the picture ^_^) 1)Which performance made fans fall in love with BTS? 2)Which action makes the fan go crazy for V? 5) Which episode did fans like of Jungkook and his actions? 6)Which hair color best suits Suga? 7) Which performance was J-hope's best performance? 9) Which style do fans prefer Rapmon wear? Well, since V learned that a lot of fans like his tongue action, I've been seeing it happen!!!I won't spoil it~ =^____^= I want to see all types of Jimin's selfie hahha :) if only there was an "all of the above" answer! Suga's mint hair color I think looked nice but when thinking about Sugar and his health, natural is better for his hair! ~Just wanted to post a little something and hear what you thought! ^_^
Disclaimer-- I do not own any of the content. All credits go to Naver. This is just to share with fellow kpoppers.
I'm a classy chick so I wanted steak lol
@SunnaWalo I was like that too!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚