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Well I do have a long list of biases.. Idols and actors alike.. Let's see how this goes..
#1. CHOI SEUNG HYUN AKA TOP This Man is My Everything.. He's is an amazing human being and has amazing talent.. He can ACT, SING, RAP, AND "DANCE" (you see how I put that in quotations) wanna see how good just Google "Choom Top" and behold his glory.. I could go on and on about my love but the show must go on..
2. Kwon Ji Yong aka G Dragon aka Jiyongie My beautiful yes I said beautiful because handsome doesn't fit him anywayyyyysss GD recently moved up my list after I started to watch him more and more.. He's probably one of the hardest working idols/ group leaders I've seen.. He supports big bang and his hyungs in whatever they do.. He's a talented writer singer rapper leader. And he's quite adorable he on stage and off stage personas are completely different and I love how he switches it on and off.
3. Jay bum Park or jay Park.. Now jay oppa is amazing. I love his music he can sing my pants right off and get me hype off his rap verses and then slay me with his dance moves.. If you haven't listened to lately I suggest you get a copy of "WORLDWIDE" ITS AWESOME.
#4. Kim Jiwon better Known as Bobby from Ikon.. Ughhh hes so freaking awesome and his rap skills slay me everytime.. He just turned 20 (21 in Korean time) so I don't feel as bad about being almost 6yrs older than him.. I loves him and that beautiful eye smile.
#5. Park Chanyeol aka My big Baby Channie Channie is the most recent idol to join my list now I've been a fan of EXO for long time.. But I've never really picked a bias until I stated to notice lil things that channie would do during broadcast and performances, then I saw his Vapp stream and I just knew he was my EXO bias.. So Yayy welcome to my world Chanyeol..
#6. Hyung Won He makes me so happy to be a #Monbebe All I can say bout him is LIPS!! HE IS ONE HELLO OF A Visual... Thank you Monsta X
7. Justin ji sung Where do I even begin.. First I'd just to say THANK YOU JI SUNG OPPA FOR JUST BEING you. you are an amazing actor as well. Thank you for kill me heal me. One of my fav K drama stars.
8. Lee Joon gi Where first saw him acting in The Scholar Who Walks the Night I was in awe he played a vampire hunter. Looking for a way to kill the vampire that turned him who is played by Lee soo hyuk.. Great story I recommend it..
#9. Lee Soo Hyuk The Man himself.. When I think tall dark and handsome I automatically see soo hyuk, that deep voice, handsome face, and pure talent he's such a babe..
10. Park Seo Joon Watching him thru Kill me Heal me then turn round and watch him in She Was Pretty.. He's gonna have a very long career..
11. So ji sub My ji sub oppa When he comes on screen he captivates with his skills and his looks.. The fact that he's about to be 40! And still looking this good outta tell you something..
12. Nam Goong Min The guy I love to hate.. I love when he plays the good guy and I hate him when he plays the bad guy.. Its a love hate thing
13. Kim Woo Bin Just Cuz he's Kim fuckin woo bin lol.. The K drama God.. You know ur attractive when other K drama actors use you as a scale of attractiveness during their own drama.. (Park Seo Joon in Kill me heal me) so handsome it hurts to look at you lol
14. Choi Siwon He's gets to be On both sides.. Drama and kpop.. He's a actor and apart of the kpop group Super junior..
15. Last but certainly not least is my very first K drama crush LEE MIN HO BOYS OVER FLOWERS .. Drove me crazy and Lee min ho was the center of the madness.. I love him he one of my top fav oppas.
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Great Minds think alike lol
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